sWMS - Smart Warehouse Management System

The #1 smart WMS completely in the cloud

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The 3 pillars of Magazzino Perfetto

The WMS always at your fingertips, from any device and from anywhere.


It is the heart of the system: download it from the Play Store and you can do all your item movements without the help of your PC, wherever you are, even offline.

Cloud Panel

A comprehensive, multi-level dashboard, accessible from any browser and device, to monitor, configure and perform massive operations.


Thanks to an extensive list of APIs and comprehensive documentation, we can be integrated with any software, both read and write.

We customise logos, colours and labels

We speak your language

Thanks to the Customisation module, you can dress both the app and the cloud panel in your company's clothing. Within 2 weeks you will have a tailor-made management system without spending hundreds of thousands of euros!

A proper tuning phase will allow your team to get in tune with the software right away, reducing learning time to zero.

All the power of Amazon AWS

A powerful and secure cloud panel thanks to Amazon infrastructure

App for Smartphones & Android terminals

Your warehouse at your fingertips, even offline

The Android app is optimised for both the latest generation of smartphones and professional terminals with barcode reader. Work anywhere even if you don't have an internet connection, as the app works offline and synchronises online.

Some functionalities, such as auto-coding, cannot work offline as they make use of web services.


Picking, or the matching of incoming products, is our strength! In a single step, while you are doing the business, you can manage the locations of articles, lots and expiry dates, and the packing list. Even picking different orders at the same time (Pick 'n Pack function).

Master data

Users, articles, devices, repositories, etc., all in one application. You can create them individually or import them with a csv; thanks to dynamic field mapping, no particular structure is required.


It traces each product from its creation to delivery to the customer, tracking each individual movement with its corresponding operator. Each product can be uniquely and precisely identified through various information such as: serial number, lots and expiry dates, rfid tags.


Each location has a cubage, so for each individual product (or product category) you always know how much space it is occupying in your warehouse. In addition, before the products arrive in your warehouse, the app will tell you if that supplier order is compatible with the space left; or when allocating goods it will advise you on the best place to locate them.


We are an open WMS! We talk both to other software through APIs and directly to 'things'. You can, for example, dash a physical button in Rome (Amazon's dash button) and generate a stock transfer of a series of products in Milan.

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I have worked in the world of management software for 30 years and still do, helping both small and large companies to optimise their warehouse processes. It is from this experience that Magazzino Perfetto was born.

Maurizio Molinari


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Magazzino Perfetto was and still is a great challenge in terms of development. In just a few years, we have managed to put an internal management system into a smartphone app without sacrificing functionality.

Paolino Angeletti

Chief Engineer, Android app

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After years of development, testing and trials, we can finally say that Magazzino Perfetto is a mature management system capable of satisfying even the most demanding customers in terms of logistics.

Giovanni Broegg

Tech Evangelist, Marketing director

Powered by Amazon AWS

We are the world's most technology-enabled management system without scalability problems

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Transition 4.0

Thanks to the new National Transition 4.0 Plan (the first brick on which the Italian Recovery Fund is based) and thanks to some EUR 24 billion invested in this sector, you can benefit from a tax credit of up to 95 per cent, so the Perfect Warehouse licence (and also the purchase of machinery) will cost you almost 0!

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Are you a retailer and looking for a cloud-based and smartphone-based warehouse management system?